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James is an actor and musician with appearances on CBS Hawaii Five-O seasons 1 and 6 and ABC's 'Off The Map' . 


Born in Washington DC.James spent time living in Cheltenham & London UK. 

His first background role came in 1995 while working as a DC Police Officer.

He left the Police Dept to work as Bartender/Head Brewer, and later Office Manager while continuing to work background in films and shows shot in DC, Baltimore and New York. In 2009 he moved to Hawaii in hopes of working on the show LOST.


Perseverantia Vincit. While working in Hawaii's retail and service industry, James was cast as one of Charles Widmore's 'Scientists' for 5 episodes in the final season of LOST.   He enrolled in acting workshops and classes and continued gaining on set expierience as stand-in and stunt/photo double. He then booked guest star roles in 'Off The Map' and 'Hawaii Five-O. Read about James 2nd Hawaii Five-O appearance in Season 6 Valentine's Day Special as 'Michael Foxton' in Honolulu's Star Advertiser here


James continues to study with LA's premier Meisner coach Iris Klein. He also writes and produces original music, briefly attended Berklee College of Music in 2019 and will soon release his first full length LP.



The Kathy Muller Agency


Joy Kam, 808.737.7917

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Reel & Resume

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James Koons 

 Hair: S&P                                                                                                      Agent: Joy Kam, KMA

 Eyes: Brn                                                                                                      joy@kathymuller.com



Hawaii Five-O  S614                             Guest Star 10+                                    CBS/Peter Weller

Hawaii Five-O  S116                              Guest Star 5+                                       CBS/Brad Turner

Off the Map      S109                              Co-Star -5                              ABC/ Michael Katleman

LOST  S608-614                                    Recurring - nc                                   ABC/Jack Bender

Home and Away                                         nc                                                                       AUCh7

Homicide 'Life on the Street'               Featured - nc                                NBC/Darnell Martin


Battleship                                                     nc                                            Universal/ Peter Berg

The Descendants                                        nc                     Fox Searchlight/ Alexander Payne

Just Go With It                                             nc                                    Columbia/ Dennis Dugan

Private Parts                                                 nc                                  Paramount/ Betty Thomas

Species II                                                 Featured                                        MGM/ Peter Medak

Shadow Conspiracy                              Featured                     Universal/George P. Cosmatos


2018  Meisner Intensive                                                                                                    Iris Klein

2017  SAG Foundation Casting Cold Reads                                                             Leslie Woo

2012  Scene Interpretation                                                                       Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa

2011  Meisner Intensive                                                                                                    Iris Klein

2010  Scott Rogers Studios                                                                                     Scott Rogers

2009 Acting on Camera                                                                                           Wayne Ward


2nd Team                                        Hawaii Five-O S1 & 2,                               CBS/Brad Turner

Other Experience

● Pistol/Rifle: Prof. Trained & Exp'd, Current 2021 Safety Cert.

● Brit Accents: RP, London, Cockney, Northern 
● Drive/Ride: Stick, Truck, Motorcycle, Skateboard, Bike, Horse (Eng.)

● Former Police Ofc. w/UC, Footbeat, Wagon, Car, exp.

● Musician: Drums, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Recording, Rock    

● Sports: Golf, Darts, Swim, Tennis, Hiking, Bowling, Billiards, Skydiving

● Artist: Paint/Woodsculpt 


"All beings tremble before violence. All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?" ~ Buddha

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